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The beef we offer direct to you comes from cattle our family has raised from birth. Even before that, we've made the breeding decisions that result in beef with exceptional flavor and tenderness, consistently. Post 5 Cattle Co. isn't our hobby. It's our everything and we know you'll appreciate the knowledge, effort, and care behind each package you thaw.

Browse our beef boxes filled with the perfect proportion of USDA inspected steaks, roasts, and ground beef to supply your household of hungry beef lovers. We offer shipping to anywhere in WA, OR, ID, and CA (different shipping rates may apply to CA), and local pick-up/delivery.


Or choose "custom beef" by purchasing a share of a whole, half or quarter of a Post 5 Cattle Co. raised steer. You'll choose your own adventure in steaks, roasts, ground beef, and special cuts that will make you do the full freezer happy dance.

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*Inventory Note*

Ribeyes and Tenderloins are sold out due to demand until mid-November

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