We are now offering our Post 5 Cattle Company beef with easy online ordering. Scroll to learn more about buying beef directly from us!


We understand the desire to have a first-hand relationship with the farmers and ranchers who raise our food, and our family would love to be your family's source for delicious beef. The USDA safety-inspected beef we offer directly to you comes from cattle our family has bred and raised from birth to harvest. This isn't our hobby, raising beef is what we do for a living.

You can order beef from Post 5 Cattle Co. by the whole, half or quarter of a steer, or choose a Post 5 Beef Box we've curated with taste, convenience, and value in mind. You can add additional cuts and ground beef to your box to stock up on what you love.



"I am so thrilled to have discovered Post 5 Cattle Co, and the timing could not have been more perfect. They put out a quality product that not only do I trust but it’s delicious! I was so thrilled with my first beef box that I ordered again just days after receiving it. The rib steaks are the most tender and flavorful I’ve ever had. Cannot wait to try more!"

Faith. Family. Fat cattle.

"I'm really hands on when it comes to feeding and raising our cattle. What can I say? I love fat cattle."

- Will Derting

He loves feeding cattle. She loves baby calves and being horseback. We love that our life's work is raising beef cattle as a family.

We're the people of Post 5 Cattle and we're happy to share our story and our beef with you.

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Will & Nicole Derting

Ephrata, Washington

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We can add more choices to what we offer (Certified Organic, grass-finished, etc.) but only if there is real demand from our customers. Please take a moment to fill out our survey!

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