What Our Cattle Eat

We truly believe that cattle are the greatest “upcyclers”. They take land that would not otherwise efficiently grow food, and the byproducts of producing some of our favorite food & drink that would otherwise create waste, and turn it into high quality protein for our diet (beef!).

Making the best use of this land and byproducts is a common practice by the beef community that pre-dates the national conversation around the environmental impacts of raising food. This up-cycling based approach is the U.S. model for beef production. It's one reason U.S. ranchers and feeders are able to produce 18% of the world's beef with just 8% of the world's cattle.

Here are the ways using marginal land and upcycling plays out at Post 5 Cattle Co:

  • We graze our calves on ground that is not suitable for farming during the spring (i.e. too rocky, no water to grow crops)

  • In the fall we trade composted manure for a rotational grain or forage crop with a local seed grower.

  • In the winter we then graze on stubble (what remains from corn/wheat harvest) fields.