Everything you need to know about buying beef from us.

Buying beef directly from the rancher is different than rolling up to the grocery store meat department - in some obvious, and not so obvious ways. We've tried to think of everything you need to know to happily and confidently purchase beef through our website and put it in here. If you have a question that isn't covered here, contact Nicole.

Buying Beef Boxes and individual beef packages

The beef available for purchase in our beef boxes, ground beef of any quantity, and individual cut add-ons comes from cattle that were slaughtered at Pure Country Harvest in Moses Lake under USDA safety inspection. This qualifies the beef to be sold by the individual cut. We also adhere to USDA safe storage regulations in monitored freezers before we ship, or you pick up the beef.

Beef Shipping

We ship beef boxes via UPS. The shipping rates are calculated by the total weight of your purchase (selected beef box weight, plus any add-on beef packages you choose). The beef boxes are insulated and packed with dry ice that will keep beef frozen for multiple days. We are currently able to ship to Washington state, Oregon, Idaho and California. Washington shipping rates are automatically calculated at check out. OR, ID, and CA customers, select the "OR/ID/CA" shipping option at check out and we will contact you with the accurate rate. If we cannot get a reasonable shipping rate based on the box weight and distance, you may simply cancel the order before it ships.