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Everything you need to know about buying beef from us.

Buying beef directly from the rancher is different than rolling up to the grocery store meat department - in some obvious, and not so obvious ways. We've tried to think of everything you need to know to happily and confidently purchase beef through our website and put it in here. If you have a question that isn't covered here, contact Nicole.

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Buying Beef Boxes

Beef Shipping

Buying custom whole, half, or quarter beef shares

Refunds and Cancellations

Buying Beef Boxes and individual beef packages

The beef available for purchase in our beef boxes, ground beef of any quantity, and individual cuts comes from cattle that were slaughtered at a local processing facility under USDA safety inspection. This qualifies the beef to be sold by the individual cut. We also adhere to USDA safe storage regulations in monitored freezers before we ship, or you pick up the beef.

Beef Shipping

We ship beef boxes via UPS. The beef boxes are insulated and packed with dry ice that will keep beef frozen for multiple days. We are currently able to ship to Washington state, Oregon, Idaho and California. Shipping is included in our pricing.

We ship Monday - Thursday, so orders submitted Friday-Sunday will not ship until the first part of the next week.

Please unbox and place your beef under freezer or refrigeration temperature immediately. If for some reason you are concerned about the packaging or safety of your beef when it arrives, please contact us. Once you receive your beef and inspect it for order accuracy and confirm it arrived frozen, it is up to you to store, thaw, and cook safely.

Buying custom whole, half, or quarter beef shares

When you choose this option, you are technically purchasing a share of a live animal. The beef is priced on the "hanging weight" which is the weight of your share (quarter, half, or whole) after it has been slaughtered, but before it has been butchered into individual cuts. Beef that is sold this way is not required to be slaughtered under USDA safety inspection but ours is at this time (it is typically offered under the "WSDA Exempt" program).

Our custom beef is available year-round. Use the "timing" drop down to select when you would like to receive your beef. Nicole will be in touch with you via e-mail after you make your deposit, during the month you selected, to provide more information about timing, and how to submit a cutting order that will include all of your preferences: various steak and roast cut choices, steak thickness, etc.

The time between slaughter and when the beef is available for pick up is about three weeks, allowing for aging in the cooler before the beef is cut.

Terms and Conditions

By using our website to browse and purchase beef you are agreeing to the procedures and policies outlined above and expressed on any and all pages of this website. See Full Terms & Conditions Here

Refunds and Cancellations

Custom beef deposits are refundable up until the slaughter date, after which cancellation will result in forfeiture of 100% of the deposit. Beef box orders may be cancelled if requested prior to shipping. Cash refunds are not available for delivered, shipped, or consumed beef. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your beef purchase, please contact us so we have an opportunity to meet your expectations.

Privacy Policy

We will never sell or share information you provide through our website. Your name and contact information is used to contact you about placed orders. We will periodically send subscribers e-mail offers and information. You may opt out of e-mail communication from us at any time. See Full Privacy Policy Here

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