Cattle Health

Healthy cattle produce safe, healthy, high-quality beef. Raising this kind of beef, day after day, year after year is our measure of success. It's our life's work. With experience accumulated by taking care of cattle in one way or another our entire lives, and the passion for continually learning how to do it better, we have high standards for cattle care on our ranch and feedlot. That means we are invested on a daily basis in the health of the cattle. We aren't sitting in an office miles away and our attention is on the cattle and what they need 24/7/365.

While there is a lot that goes into taking care of cattle and keeping cattle health a top priority, a couple of topics bubble up in peoples' minds because they perceptively intersect with human health.

On Growth Promoting Hormones

The majority of the cattle in the feedyard are custom fed - meaning we don’t own them, other ranchers trust us to get their cattle to slaughter weight in great health and condition. Cattle at the feedlot are typically given an FDA-approved, small pelleted implant with a low dose of hormones that allow them to convert feed to lean muscle more efficiently. This has been a common practice, safely in use since the 1950s.

The directly marketed beef available through this site however, comes from cattle that are not given hormonal implants. This choice simply satisfies some customer preferences so we are happy to offer it.