Beef Boxes & Add-Ons

Here's how this works.

Step one: Choose the Post 5 Beef Box that looks mighty tasty and perfect for you.

Step two: Add it to your cart.

Step three: Since you're already here shopping beef, browse the individual beef cut "add-ons." Add those to your cart's content.

Step four: Check out. You'll receive a confirmation email, and we'll get your beef shipped out to you ASAP (see FAQ's for details), or arrange pick up for the locals. You'll work directly with Nicole to make sure your order is received, filled, and shipped without any hiccups.

 Step five: Thaw the beef. Cook the beef. Savor the beef. Send us feedback. Share the beefy good news on social media if you're into that kind of thing!

Beef Box Add-On Cuts

These cuts are available to add to your box (unless they are "out of stock"). From premium steaks to soup bones, you can stock your box and your freezer with Post 5 beef in one convenient shipment. Swipe left & right to see what we're working with. That's how a modern meat market works these days, right??

Will & Nicole Derting

Ephrata, Washington

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Tell us what you want.

What you really, really want.

We can add more choices to what we offer (Certified Organic, grass-finished, etc.) but only if there is real demand from our customers. Please take a moment to fill out our survey!