"The Bull Hauler" monniker is slang for professional cattle hauler. It's one of the many roles our favorite rancher, feeder, and top dad Will fills since we're all about being self-sufficient around here! We created this box of steaks in honor of all the Wills out there, wearing many hats and busting their butts for the fam.


This box Includes a roughly 10lb assortment of delicious grill-ready steaks such as:


T-bone (2 per pack)


Chuck Eye

Top Sirloin

Sirloin Tip

Flat Iron

Top Round

London Broil

Teres Major

Eye of Round


Rib Steaks (2 per pack)


All steaks cut to 1.25’’inch thickness. Use the comment box to request specific cuts and we will do our best to accomodate per availability. You can add any amount of ground beef and any box-add on cuts we have in stock to make it unique, just like the special "Bull Hauler" of your family!

The Bull Hauler - 10lbs All Steaks

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  • Beef Shipping

    We are set up to ship beef boxes via UPS. The shipping rates are dictated and calculated by the total weight of your purchase (beef box weight, plus any add-on beef packages you choose). The beef boxes insulated and packed with dry ice that will keep beef frozen for multiple days. That said, we are playing it safe with guaranteed, in Washington state only, two day shipping.

    Because of that, we can only ship Monday - Thursday, so orders submitted Friday - Sunday will not ship until the first part of the next week to guarantee tw0-day shipping. Please unbox and place your beef under freezer or refrigeration temperature immediately.

    If for some reason you are concerned about the packaging or safety of your beef when it arrives, please contact us. Once you receive your beef and inspect it for order accuracy and confirm it arrived frozen, it is up to you to store, thaw, and cook safely.

Will & Nicole Derting

Ephrata, Washington

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