B.Y.O.B: Build Your Own Beef Box


Back in Pullman, BYOB definitey had a different meaning. This is more like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the day, remember those? It's kind of like that, except with more meat eating and less reading. And very little suspense, you'll get just what your delicious imagination chooses.


Use the drop downs to select the cuts you prefer from the menu. This process guides you through selecting a variety of cuts from different parts of the animal.


As always, you can add more ground beef and in-stock add ons by selecting those after adding this box to your cart.


All steaks are 1.25'' cut and 2 in a package. Roasts vary in size between 3-4lbs. Total box beef weight will be approximately 15 lbs.


Ground Beef
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Will & Nicole Derting

Ephrata, Washington

Tell us what you want.

What you really, really want.

We can add more choices to what we offer (Certified Organic, grass-finished, etc.) but only if there is real demand from our customers. Please take a moment to fill out our survey!

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