Add a bone-in beef rib roast to any order of 10lbs or more! Bone-in rib roasts are available as a single item order for local pick-up only. For shipping, please fill your cart with a beef box option, or at least 10 lbs of Post 5 ground beef or brisket to qualify for purchase.


A bone-in rib roast is the centerpiece of the ultimate holiday meal. Try one of our deeply marbled, flavorful roasts this season. They average 3-4lbs. We offer these premium, ranch-direct roasts at under average retail price as a gift to our awesome loyal customers!


While you're here, stock up on ground beef for making easy holiday appetizers and comforting family style dishes. Pick up some special, yet one size fits all gifts like Post 5 Cattle gift codes and Vintage leather patch hats.

Bone-In Beef Rib Roast


    Will & Nicole Derting

    Ephrata, Washington

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